4P Mode Edit

With reaching level 4, you'll find yourself in the arena with three of the other bravest and boldest Tankfighters around for a 3 minute 4P Deathmatch. Whoever succeeds to make the most kills will prevail.

In the case that two tankfighters are head to head on their kill count, whoever has been destroyed fewer times will take the win. If once again the fighters are head to head, then whoever has the highest score will win! 

4P is one of two modes that have leagues, allowing you to accumulate medals in order to unlock special weapons. 

Titles: Edit

First Blood: This is for the Tankfighter who kills first in the battle 

Double Kill: A double kill occurs after 2 consecutive kills 

Triple Kill: A triple kill occurs after 3 consecutive kills 

Killing Spree: A killing spree occurs after 5 consecutive kills 

Ultra Kill: An ultra kill occurs after 10 consecutive kills 

Monster Kill: A monster kill occurs after 15 consecutive kills

What are you waiting for? Get out there and become a MONSTER Tankfighter!!!

Score Chart: Edit

Item Points Awarded
Killing Blow (Making a kill) 100
Partial Kill (Making a hit right before a kill) 25
Perfect Match (No deaths) 1,000
Win Match 500
First Blood 100
Double Kill 25
Triple Kill 75
Killing Spree 225
Ultra Kill 675
Monster Kill 1,125

Point Reward System: Edit

Points Tank Fighter Dollars Rewarded
0-500 2,000 TF$
501-1000 4,000 TF$
1001-1750 6,000 TF$
1751-2500 8,000 TF$
2501 and up 10,000 TF$

Re-Spawn: Edit

Death # Re-spawn Time Cost For Immediate Re-spawn
1 5 seconds 150 TF$
2 7 seconds 300 TF$
3 9 seconds 400 TF$
4 11 seconds 500 TF$
5+ 13 seconds 600 TF$