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Advanced Armors Edit

Advanced armors can be purchased at the Armory, allowing you to gain damage protections from the various types of weapons found in the game. Upgrading the armory allows you to mix and match armors to gain lower protection against up to 3 types of damage, or fill your armor slots with the same type of armor, allowing you to gain up to 90% protection against a specific type of damage.

Armor Types Edit

There are 5 armor types in the game, each can be used against a different group of weapons. Each armor is also represented in the armory and in battle with a small colored shield icon. This way, when fighting enemies with active armors, you can know which armors they have when you shoot at them and choose weapons accordingly. Make sure to memorize their colors.

Polycarbonate Plating:  Edit


Provides 5% protection against missile weapons (except the homing missile).

Cost: 1000 TF$.

Double Plating: Edit


 Provides 5% protection against all bullet based weapons. Edit

Cost: 1125 TF$.

Heat Absorbing Plates:  Edit


Provides 5% protection against homing missiles.

Cost: 1100 TF$.

Mirror Plating:  Edit


Provides 5% protection against lasers.

Cost: 750 TF$.

Heat Generating Flares:  Edit


Provides 5% protection against flame throwers.

Cost: 1600 TF$.

Upgrading Armors Edit

The maximum upgrade level of armors depends on your armory level. Upgrade costs defer for each armor, and are done using steel.

0 Stars carries 5%, 1 Star carries 10%, 2 Stars carries 15%, 3 Stars carries 20%, 4 Stars carries 25%, & 5 Stars carries 30% protection.

When your Armory is upgrded to Level 4 you are allowed to carry 2 (different or same types) Armor items for up to 50% added protection, and once your Armory is fully upgraded you will be allowed to carry up to 3 Armor items for up to 90% added protection or can be mix and matched for varying strategies. 

Armor 1st Star Price Time 2nd Star Price Time 3rd Star Price Time 4th Star Price Time 5th Star Price Time
Polycarbonate Plating 70 00:35:00 140 01:10:00 210 01:45:00 280 02:20:00 350 02:55:00
Double Plating 119 00:59:30 238 01:59:00 357 02:58:30 476 03:58:00 595 04:57:30
Heat Absorbing Plates 406 03:23:00 812 06:46:00 1218 10:09:00 1624 13:32:00 2030 16:55:00
Mirror Plating 959 07:59:30 1918 15:59:00 2877 23:58:30 3836 31:58:00 4795 39:57:30
Heat Generating Flares 1407 11:43:30 2814 23:27:00 4221 35:10:30 5628 46:54:00 7035 58:37:30