Tank Fighter is ALL about the combat. The thrill of facing off against your greatest enemies, and blowing them into the ground, leaving behind nothing but a cloud of smoke. The chance to show off your skill in the tank fighter arena, and prove once and for all that you ARE the ultimate tank fighter.

Each Tank Fighter map contains different sets of covers and obstacles between which you must maneuver, creating different challenges each time. The different maps also provide you new opportunities to demonstrate new skills and strategies.

What remains the same in each map is the parcels that drop randomly throughout the game. Make sure that you're the first one to get to them. 

  • Health Parcel: As you get hit by your enemy, your armour is diminished first. Once you have no armour left, your health bar begins to diminish. Roll over the white health parcel with the red cross on it and re-gain some armour. 
  • XP Parcel: The experience points parcel is a yellow coin, and will boost your experience points. Pick up one of these bad boys each match and you'll be on your way up a level before you know it.
  • Money: There's no such thing as enough tank fighter dollars. Get lucky enough to find your way to an alluring bag of money in the battlefield, and head over to buy new tanks, weapons or boosts with your newly found tank fighter dollars. 
  • Mystery: There's no way to find out what's in the mystery parcel other than to be the first one to it. Get rewarded with either health, or a weapon for one time use that you don't have in your arsenal. Don't let your arch nemesis reap the rewards of the surprise! But beware...if you're unlucky enough the mystery pack could also turn out to be an explosive...

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