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Fire SupportEdit

There are six different types of fire support that you can choose from for those times that you want a little extra back up. But can only use one per battle! 

Tank Hunter: The Tank Hunter units harrass your enemies, but they are easily killed. 

Cost: 10 units of steel.

2X Tank Hunters: Two Tank Hunters equals twice the annoyance for your enemies.

Cost: 30 units of steel.

Quad Commando: Quad commando units chase your enemy with machine gun fire, and are very fast. 

Cost: 20 units Of steel.

Quad Commando And Tank Hunter: A deadly combo of long range and close range fire support. 

Cost: 40 units Of steel.

Attack Hellicopter: Attack Hellicopters are the ultimate tank hunters, shooting deadly missiles.They are very durable, and can only be destroyed with missiles. 

Cost: 50 units of steel.

Attack Hellicopter and Quad Commando: The deadliest support squad available. It's sure to make your enemies tremble with fear!

Cost: 70 units of steel.