Watch Tower Edit


The watch tower is your base center of operations. From here you can view incoming attacks and analyze them step-by-step. You can also manage your defensive platoons and station them in your base using the base editor, as well as place turrets, walls, mines and other defensive structures.

Upgrading The Watchtower Edit

upgrading the watchtower is essential as it allows you to place more defensive platoons, build more defensive structures and upgrade them to a higher level.

Building Level Upgrade Price Upgrade Time Max Walls/Mines/Turrets/Structures Max Level of Defensive Items Max Defensive Platoons
Unbuilt 10000 00:00:00 None 0 0
1 110000 00:30:00 30/4/2/1 1 1
2 420000 16:00:00 40/6/3/1 2 2
3 1260000 48:00:00 60/8/5/2 3 3
4 2581000 120:00:00 90/11/8/3 4 3
5 Max Level Max Level 130/15/12/4 5 4

Design Your Base Edit

The map editor tool allows you to design the defenses of you base and place walls, turretns, platoons and other defensive items.

Organize Defense Platoons Edit

This window is identical to the platoons edition window in the garage, except for the fact it controls defensive platoons which only appear in your base when you are attacked by other players. You can't directly control them, so positioning them correctly on the map is important.